Through the link ANTONIOJUANICO.PORTALDESPACHO.COM if you wish you can benefit from:

  • Access it from any device that has internet (computer, desktop, Smarth TV, Tablet or mobile) at any time of the day throughout the year.
  • Adapt your documents to the requirements of a hypothetical verification or inspection by the Administration (AEAT, TGSS, …) when digitizing, if not all of them, a large part of them.
  • Check certain job data.
  • Automatic accounting of invoices before digitization.
  • Have an exclusive communication channel with the consultancy.
  • Make inquiries of the tax self-assessments submitted.
  • Invest less time on trips.
  • Minimize the possible loss of documentation.
  • Reduce the physical space that the documentation occupies when converting it to digital format.

This portal is complemented by the use of the traditional Direct Deal (via physical or virtual) and with all the necessary actions to provide a service that is most effective for your interests.